Monday, July 6, 2009


it's been a long time this blog has not been updated. Apart from my bz and hassle daily routine i have to run here and there to make my "dream come true"..
Hmmm....this lately i feel "something" in my relationship..."something" that i would not be able to digest in a simple and straight forward words.
Feeling demotivated, upset, depressed,frustrated etc...
I do not know " WHeRe Do I sTanD"..somebody please tell me!
I do not want to prolong this thing coz i am suffering but somebody choose it to be this way....whose fault is that?
Please ..please..please..what i need from you is just a simple understanding, a step ahead from me and not just taking for granted in every thing...
it's all because :"my LoVe to you is only the sky is the limit..."