Monday, July 6, 2009


it's been a long time this blog has not been updated. Apart from my bz and hassle daily routine i have to run here and there to make my "dream come true"..
Hmmm....this lately i feel "something" in my relationship..."something" that i would not be able to digest in a simple and straight forward words.
Feeling demotivated, upset, depressed,frustrated etc...
I do not know " WHeRe Do I sTanD"..somebody please tell me!
I do not want to prolong this thing coz i am suffering but somebody choose it to be this way....whose fault is that?
Please ..please..please..what i need from you is just a simple understanding, a step ahead from me and not just taking for granted in every thing...
it's all because :"my LoVe to you is only the sky is the limit..."


  1. babe, sometimes what we expect does not appears as we hope. its hard to accept. trust me its hard. and sometimes we try to change it. but sometimes, the more you try, the more it come harder. what i can say calm down girl, and pray to HIM as HE is the only one can change it.

    hey..u might want to read rima rashidi blog. can learn a lot bout peoples most important our partner...:)

  2. gimme the link then..
    anyway tetiba aku rasa suker giler lagu si Nora "Dendam Dalam Diam"....(betul ker tajuk tuh?)